How to save on buying a car

How to buy cheaper cars

The market for buying and selling vehicles moves billions of reais. Between new, new and used cars are sold millions of vehicles a year. So many people are looking to buy a car, but in many cases they end up saving good money at the time of purchase.

Special cases that offer discount
First, there are specific categories that have discounts. People with disabilities or chronic diseases have tax discounts, which can reach up to 40% in the value of the vehicle. The benefit extends to the legal representatives of the disabled, but the process is quite bureaucratic. Farmers also have a discount, the same case of people who have a tax and want to buy the car in the name of the company. These discounts vary and can reach up to 20%.

Normal people: How to save on the purchase of the vehicle
However, if you do not fit into any of these categories, there are still other options. Search well is the first of them. There are thousands of car offers of various types and models, so the prices vary greatly. Backlogs such as fines or late taxes should be included in the final value in the case of buying used cars. When buying new cars at the beginning of the year, it is necessary to check whether the taxes is already paid by the concessionaire or not.

One of the most important tips is relative to the vehicle’s mileage. Buying a new car is usually not a good option. The devaluation of the vehicle is very large, so that it is lost at least 10% of the value of the vehicle only by removing it from the concessionaire. So, if you want a more current car, a new one is the best option, because, in addition to cheaper, they do not suffer so much with the devaluation. Used cars are also good options, but in this case a more detailed search should be done. In addition, the condition of the vehicle must be verified, because if maintenance is required, the cost should be considered.

Adding money to buy a car is also a good way to economize. The more parcels, the more interest you will pay and the more expensive your vehicle leaves. That way, if you can’t pay cash, try adding a good entry to make good funding. One of the advantages of being able to pay cash is the negotiating power, so you get even bigger discounts.

The cost of maintenance and consumption should also be considered. It’s no use you buying a cheap car that consumes a lot. The price of fuels is quite high, so if you’re going to use the car a lot, consumption is one of the most important things.

Also, do not get carried away by emotion and do not buy by impulse. Be rational, search, compare and try to put together a good amount before you buy the car. So, it is very likely that you can buy a car at a very good price.

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